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Shade Tree Physics
Putting Newton back into physics.

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W. Ritz
Walter Ritz


Wellem de Sitter
Willem de Sitter


1918 Influenza




V.I. Sekerin
V.I. Sekerin


Digital Holograms


Crab Pulsar
  Crab Pulsar




milk with bacteria in UV
Rainwater Bacteria

R. S. Fritzius
Robert S. (Bob) Fritzius

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Dr. Yefim Bakman
Tel Aviv University

Günter Dinglinger
Kaarst, DE

Dr. Myron E. Evans
Ritz's Electrodynamics

Myra Fritzius
Word Physics

Anthony Hollick

Tom Miles
Norwalk, CT

Yuriy Sarychev
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Joseph Schrock

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Star Map in Galactic Perspective
Star Map in Galactic Perspective

New and Newly-Updated Pages

The Problem of Space and Time in Modern Science
Combating Ovarian Cancer
Sunspot Activity, Venus Inferior Conjunctions, and Biological Events
EAS Mass Excess
Cosmology's Missing Mass Problems
Investigations of Proper Motion, Adriaan van Maanen and others


1811-12 New Madrid Earthquakes | 1918 Influenza Pandemic
3-D Movies, Don't go!

ACE/WIND Solar Wind Plots 05-10-1999
Aerobiology | Aknaton and Oedipus | Mississippi Anopheline Survey
      Israel   - Elusa Theatre Inscription
      Jordan - The Other Herodium
      Jordan - Using Elevation Contours to Find Tell Madaba
Arrows of Time | Astrobiology, Venus
Astrometry (M33), (M81), (SN 2006gy), (Spiral Nebulae)
Atlantis | Avalon

Ballistic Theory of Light - Ritz
D. R. Barber, Invasion by Washing Water PDF | HTML
The Basalt of the Moabite Stone | Biohazard?, Venus | Bending Water
Beta Decay | BHT (Molecular Model)
Binary Stars - Barr - Freundlich - de Sitter - Dinglinger - La Rosa - Sekerin - Fritzius
Biological Holograms - Index of Early Bremsstrahlung Articles

Combating Ovarian Cancer
Canneto di Caronia (Fires), (Space Photo), (Think Tank)
CD V-700 Geiger Counter Tech Info | March/April 2011 CD V-700 Counts
Airborne Cell Phone Performance
Cepheid Variables | Challenges to Standard Paradigm
Large Circular Structure Northwest of Dhiban, Madaba, Jordan
Clouds Are Us | Coffee Clouds | Comet Halley 12 BC
Common Envelope Binaries | Cosmic Rays
Cosmology (Missing Mass)
Cosmological Redshift (English) (Russian)
Crowley's Ridge Map - Big File!

Dark Matter | Willem de Sitter - (on Binary Stars) - (Whimsical Images?)
Gunter Dinglinger, Critique of de Sitter's constant speed of light

Earthquake Liquefaction Safety
Earthquakes, Central Med.: (2002), (2003), (2004)
Einstein and Ritz | Electrical Lifting, Water | Electrodynamics, Ritz
EAS Sub-Quantum Physics - (In Russian) | Emission Theory
Elusa Theatre Inscription | Etna Trekking webcam, 17 Sep 2004
Mt. Etna, (Albanet.com) webcam, 16 Oct 2004 (1) - (2) - (3)
Exobiology, Venus

FluWatch.com Weekly Activity Maps, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005
Ice Flash | J. G. Fox, on the Ritz translation | Erwin Findlay Freundlich
Fumarole near Rome Airport

Glass Sea Isles
Galactic Perspective: Star Atlas | Star Map | Commentary
Galilean Relativity | Ritzian Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gamma-Ray Bursts Spatial Density Contours
Gamma-Ray Bursts Sans Second Postulate (Poster)
Gamma-ray Induced Nuclear Dissociation | Modeling Geminga
General Electrodynamics, Ritz | Glastonbury Tor
God and Time, Schrock | Push Gravity
GRB 790731 and omega Geminorum
GRB 990510 and a Solar Wind Problem,
A Possible Effect of GRB 990510 on the Solar Wind
Did GRB 990510 Disrupt the Solar Wind? ppt (Extreme Space Weather Events Workshop, 14-17 May 2012)

Ha Almah | Halley's Comet 12 BC | Hatchie Coon Island Field Trip | Blink Comparator
The Other Herodium | Comments on the Other Herodium | Holleford Meteorite Crater in Ontario Canada
Holographic Memory | Digital Holograms
Hubble Space Telescope Mirror | Hydraulic Hammer

Ice Flash | Inferior Conjunctions, Venus
Influenza 1918, A Venus Connection? (English), (Russian)
Influenza Activity, USA - 2003-2005 | Influenza Periodicity
Influenza Viruses, Drug Resistance
Infra-Red Christmas Card
Interplanetary and Atmospheric Microbial Delivery Systems (Poster)
Electrodynamic Irreversibility, Second Law


Kite-Acheson Effect, Electrical lifting of particulate matter

La Rosa's Critiques of Willem de Sitter on Binary Stars
Light Motion - Maxwell-Lorentz vs Ritz
Earthquake Liquefaction Safety | Lorentz-Maxwell Theory Critique

M33 Blink Comparators - (NE) - (NW) - (SW) - (SE)
M33 Internal Motions - (Lundmark) - (van Maanen)
M81 Internal Motions
Investigations of Proper Motion, Adriaan van Maanen and others
Manuelov, Many Body Problem
Using Elevation Contours to Find Tell Madaba | EAS Mass Excess
Maxwell-Lorentz Critique by Walter Ritz
Mira Variables, Common Envelope Binaries? | Missing Mass | The Mithraeum at Caesarea Maritima
Mosquitoes, Mississippi Anopheline Survey
Rainwater Delivery of Mushroom Spores?

John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society home page | Nazareth and Mt. Tabor, Israel -
Neutron Beta Decay | New Madrid Earthquakes
Nuclear Dissociation, Gamma Induced | Nuclear Glue

Oedipus and Akhnaton | On the Origin of OK | omega Geminorum
Optics of Moving Bodies, Ritz | Combating Ovarian Cancer

Paradigm, Challenges | Peleg's World
Sub-Quantum Physics, Fritzius - (English) - (Russian)
Navy Phantom breaking sound barrier - Physics and Philosophy - Schrock
Pinhole Camera | Polio-like Symptoms, West Nile Virus
The Problem of Time in in Geology and Stellar Astronomy

Push Gravity

QSO Redshifts

Using Radio Astronomy to Improve Variable Star Theory (doc file)
Rainwater Delivery of Mushroom Spores?
Red Sea | Redshift | reliv® dietary supplements
Relational Dynamics - Anthony Hollick
Relativity, Galilean?
Walter Ritz - Researches (1908) - (Commentary) - (Biography)
                      (Optics of Moving Bodies) | (Series Spectra)
Ritz-Einstein, Irreversibility vs Reversibility | Ritzian Binary Star Animations
USS Ruff MSC(O) 54

SARS | Science's Limits | Sekerin, Variable Stars | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SN 1987a | SN 2006gy
Series Spectra - Ritz | Shielding Gravity
The Problem of Space and Time in Modern Science
Star Map
Solar Eclipse, July 11, 1999 | Solar Wind Problem
Sound Barrier, Navy Phantom | Did GRB 990510 Disrupt the Solar Wind? (ppt) | Spectroscopic Binaries - Barr
Internal motions of Spiral Nebulae | St. Francis Lake, NE Arkansas
Standard Paradigm, Challenges to
Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective | Commentary on Star Atlas | Star Map in Galactic Perspective
Stellar Distance vs Parallax
Stellar Gamma-ray Flashes | Nuclear Strong Force | Sub-quantum Physics - (In Russian)
Sunspot Activity, Biological Events

Time Arrows | Edward Teller's mid-70's talk at the University of Guam

Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

Variable Electrical Charge - Fritzius
Variable Speed of Light - Ritz
Variable Star Animations | Ritzian Variable Stars
Small Volcano Near Rome Airport | Velikovsky Pages
Venus - "Pressure and Temperature Profiles) - (Inferior Conjunctions) - (Biohazard?)
Is Venus A New Planet? HTML - PPT
Venus Influenza, (English) - (Russian)
Volcanic Vents Near Rome Airport

Water - (Bending) - (Electrical lifting) - (Mountains)
Weak Force
West Nile Virus - (Astrobiology) - (Polio-like Symptoms)

X-Rays, Index of Early Bremsstrahlung Articles


Redshift Z as a function of variable electrical charge
A Frame Tracing Study of the Zapruder Film -
Zum gegenwärtigen Stand des Strahlungsproblems - Ritz and Einstein

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