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Fill a glass with water until the water presents a positive minuscus, i.e., the water surface is higher than the rim of the glass.

Charge up the comb by briskly combing your hair. (You can verify that the humidity is not too high by picking up small pieces of paper with the charged comb. If the paper won't jump to the comb, wait until drier conditions occur.)

Bring one end of the charged comb, teeth down, toward the water surface while watching the surface at eye level. When the comb is about two centimeters from the water, a "micro-mountain" of water will begin to rise toward the comb. The closer the comb comes to the water surface, the higher the micro-mountain. As you continue getting the comb closer, a point will be reached where a spark will jump between the mountain and the comb. (If you have normal hearing you'll be able to hear the audible "crick" of the spark.) Immediately after the spark jumps, the micro mountain will collapse and produce a circular "tidal wave" which will rush away from the spark site.


This experiment is referred to on the Velikovksy's Water Mountain(s) page .

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