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M33 Southeast Quadrant Blink Comparator

Installed 05 Jul 2005. Latest update 08 Aug 2007.

M33 Southeast Quadrant Blink Comparator (Expanded)
Images being compared: Humason 1922(1) - Pilato 2003(2)

M33 Blink Comparators by Quadrant
Northwest - Northeast - Southeast - Southwest

van Maanen's rapidly moving star, #367,(1) can be seen on the east side of M33. (Center of red circle on the 1922 image and center of white circle on the 2003 image.) Based on its's high proper motion (136 mas/yr), van Maanen omitted it as a member of the M33 system. (Was listed as 11.3 mas/yr.) See a closer up version of No. 367's motion at the bottom of the page showing Tony Pilato's astro image of M33.


(1) van Maanen, A., "Investigations on Proper Motion - Tenth Paper: Internal Motion in the Spiral Nebula Messier 33, N.G.C. 598" - ApJ 57, 264-278 (1923) - NADS - (van Maanen's Plate XV is an annotated version of Milton Humason's 1922 photograph of M33.)

(2) 2003 Photograph courtesy of Dark Star Images by Tony Pilato. Image has been rotated 50.5 degrees clockwise to place North at the top. (More angle "tweaking" may be needed.)