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Shade Tree Physics - External Links

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Latest Update - 20 Apr 2018

Numerically Ordered Links
21st Century Science and Technology

Aphabetically Ordered Links


Adirondack Astronomy
Hannes Alfvén (1908-1995 - Anthony L. Peratt
Alternative Physics - Bernard Burchell
Amateur Redshift Studies
Society for Amateur Scientists
Arch DevOps, LLC - Software Test Automation, Quality Control, Information Architecture - New
Astroimaging Gallery - (The Universe in Color) - Robert Gendler
Astronomy Lecture Notes and Resources - Ole Miss
Astronomy Research Based Science Education
Astronomy/Physics Glossary - James Schombert, "Shombert" for engineers
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Resources
Astronomy Resources on the Inernet 2017 - Marcus P. Zillman
Plasma Laser Astrophysics - Y.P. Varshni & John Talbot
Auditory Localization in the Near Field (ICAD Proceedings)


Series in the Barium Spectrum - W. Ritz, (1909) Astrophys J., , 29, 243. - NADS
BATSE Gamma Ray Light Curves
Prof. Umberto Bartocci - Universita' di Perugia - Italy (In Italian)
BCL Business Services, Inc. - Milford, PA -New
Distribution of Blue Shifted Galaxies Kvanderlass, Dec 2009
Bourabai Research - Ether Theory Knights - Modern Aethereal Physics - Karim Khaidarov
Brilliant Noise - Solar ruckuses you wouldn't believe (5 mins 42 secs)


John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society
Chemoprevention of cancer: phenolic antioxidants (BHT,BHA), G. Hocman
The Constellations - Richard Dibon-Smith
Chegg Homework Help


Willem de Sitter Bibliography
All the World's a Stage... for Dust - NASA Science News for June 26, 2001


Earth Impact Database
Earthquakes and the New Madrid Fault Line
EDU2 :PHYSICS - MODERN - E.J. Inglis-Arkell
The Electric Sky - Great graphics!
Electromagnetic Theory, Alfred O'Rahilly, Dover, 1965 -
eSky: The Electronic Sky - Mark Fisher
Etna hoops it up - BBC News March 31, 2000


Full Spectrum Solutions Consultant Test Automation - Quality Control - Information Architecture - New
fractal universe.org - Colin Hill - multi-scale commonality?
The Charles Fort Institute


General Science Journal
Einstein's Tests of General Relativity through the Eyes of Newton - Gary Hunter, James Espinosa, and Julie Talbot - Abstract
John Goodricke, Amateur Astronomer (1764 - 1786)
Gravity and Inertia - Raymond Graudis
Should the Law of Gravity be repealed?
Die Gravitation, Walter Ritz, Scienta, 5, 241-255 (1909). In Ekkhard Friebe's pages.



Hillsdale Barney Charter School Initiative - October 11, 2017 [Recorded]
Sepp Hasslberger Blog Physics - Economy - New Energy


Alfred H. Joy, Bibliograpy - Astronomer - The Bruce Medalists


Kalopin's Legacy: The Great Comet & Quake of 1811 - Tony Hood


Unusual Lava Types (Including hydrated white carbonates)
Papers by Michele La Rosa - Tom Miles
Life in Unexpected Places - The Goldilocks Zone


M81: A Bulging Spiral Galaxy
Math Pages - Kevin Brown
Putting a MOOC on the Resume
Mathematics, A Century of Controversy Over the Foundations of - G.J. Chatin
Multiwavelength Messier Museum - Cool Cosmos - ipac - NASA
Methane Earth - Astronomy Picture of the Day 12 Feb 2002
NASA - New Map of Milky Way Reveals Millions of Unseen Objects (2006)
Milky Way in Molecular Clouds
G. O. Mueller - 95 Years of criticism of the Special Theory of Relativity (1908-2003)


Nauka i Tekhnica NiT (Science and Technology articles in Russian, English, and German).
Neu Wege in der Physik - Borderlands of Science
[pdf] Neutrino and Quark Conjectures, Inconsistencies of, and their Negative Environmental Implications - Ruggero Santilli
Nicholas of Cusa (1400-1464) - The Earth is like other planets. Orbits aren't strictly circular.
John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society



Periodic Table - Lenntech - Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Niederländisch
Periodic Table - WebElements™
Physics 911 - Public Site
Physics Essays - E. Panarella, Editor
Physics Fixes - David Bryan Wallace
The Farce of Physics - Bryan Wallace



Red Rain might be extraterrestial in origin - CNN/PopSci.com - 2 Jun 2006
Modern Relativity - David Waite
Relativity Revolution - The Farce of Physics: Chapter 6 - Bryan G. Wallace - 1991
Walter Ritz - Recherches critiques sur l'Électrodynamique Générale,
    Annales de Chimie et de Physique, Vol. 13,   pp. 145-275, (1908).


Science Hobbyist - Bill Beaty
Closeminded Science - William Beaty
On a New Law of Series Spectra - W. Ritz, (1908) Astrophys J., 28, 237. - NADS
The Shiny Mountains of Venus - From: The Electric Universe
Solar Wind Data (GSM) - UCLA
Space, Brian's Hotlist - Hosted by Space Systems Laboratory

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Resource Links

    Careers for Numbers People
    Science and Technology Career Path
    How to Become an Electrical Engineer Guide
    How to Become a Mechanical Engineer Guide
    How to Become a Chemist
    Women in STEM Guidebook
    Electrical Engineering Programs
    Mechanical Engineering Programs
    Graduate Resources for Women in STEM
    Scholarships for Engineering Students
    Resources for Engineering Students
    Career Paths for Engineering Students
    Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Guidebook
    Financial Aid for Graduate School
    Bachelor’s in Engineering Guidebook
    Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Guide
    PhD Programs in Engineering Guidebook
    Master’s in Engineering Guide
    Explore Accredited Programs and Resources
    Engineering Courses and Expert Advice
    Careers in STEM
    How to Find Your Dream Data Science Job
    Civil Air Patrol STEM Kit Program
    STEM Lesson Plan: Flying Tumblewing - Purdue Polytechnic Institute
    What Parents should know about STEM to help their children

STEM Contributors

    Colby Kelly, Education Resource Specialist - Center for School, College & Career Resources
    Philip Francisco, Director of Community Outreach - Community for Accredited Online Schools
    Quincy Smith, Springboard
    SCHOOL of EDUCATION - American University - Washington, DC


The Technotheology Project - W.J. Laudeman
Thunderbolts.info Forum - Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology


Universal Seduction - Piercing the veil of deception


An Alternate View of Venus - John Ackerman
Venus, Interaction of the Solar Wind with - C.T. Russell and O. Vaisberg


Wallace, Bryan G.- The Farce of Physics
[PDF 2.13 MB] Wilhelm Weber's 1846 Electrodynamics [in English!] [Big!]
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Wissenschaft und moralische Verantwortung - Ekkehard Friebe




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