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Shade Tree Physics - Fun Stuff


Large Circular Structure Northwest of Dhiban, Madaba, Jordan
Halley's Comet, 12 BC
Communicating with Porpoises
Rainwater Delivery of Mushroom Spores?
Hubble Space Telescope Mirror
How to Develop a Photographic Memory
Biological Holograms as a Memory Mechanism
Digital Holograms
The Astro-nomer's Theme Song
Clouds Are Us
Coffee Clouds
Navy Phantom Breaking the Sound Barrier
Don't go to 3-D Movies!
A Pinhole Camera Oddity
Find the Red Sea
Solar Eclipse - July 11, 1991
Star Map in Galactic Perspective
Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective
Commentary on Star Atlas - (Apollo 16 Faint Hazy Object)

Radiation Physics

Infra-red Christmas Card
CD V-700 Geiger Counter - Tech Info

Kitchen Sink Physics

Bending Water - Dipoles in action
Ice Flash
Kerzot - Electrical water lifting
Thunk Tank - Hydraulic hammer
Rainwater Bacteria Experiment