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La Rosa's Critiques of Willem de Sitter on Binary Stars

Installed 03 Nov 2007. Latest update 12 Jan 2015 .

This page presents copies of original Michele La Rosa articles accompanied by Babelfish English translations. These are being kindly provided by Tom Miles. Reader recommendations for improving the translations are welcome.

Does the speed of light add itself to that of the source of light? About proofs from the phenomena of "variable stars." M. La Rosa, Physik. Zeitschr., 21, 333, (1924). - German and English, side-by-side.

Neur Beitrag zur ballistischen Theorie der "veräanderlichen sterne." M. La Rosa, Astronomische Nachrichten, 234, 235, (1929).

A New Contribution to the ballistic theory of "variable stars." M. La Rosa, Astronomische Nachrichten, 234, 235, (1929) - English Translation

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