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Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective

Installed 12 Oct 2001- Latest update 17 Jan 2010
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Below are extracts from a 1972 Star Atlas by R.S. Fritzius. You may scroll through the images horizontally and vertically.

Cartographic detail is based on Antonin Becvar's Atlas of the Heavens - Atlas Coeli 1950.0 Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences - 1958. The stippled Milky Way likeness is based on Lund Observatory's Panorama of the Heavens Copyright © 1958. (Used with permission.)

Star positions were plotted by eyeball. Position accuracy is generally +/- 2 degrees. Two mis-spelled constellations and one slightly displaced constellation have been corrected. (One constellation evaded getting drawn on the North Galactic Polar Plot.) A general cleanup of star versus background, along with position and magnitude improvements are in progress on the Star Map in Galactic Perspective.

The galactic coordinates now in use are not the same that were used on the 1972 map. In each of the polar plots below a line for LII = 0 deg is shown.

Polar Plots, Constellations Index, and Zenith Lookup

Send comments/questions to Robert Fritzius at fritzius@bellsouth.net
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