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Robert Stephen Fritzius

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Purdue (1966).
Lieutenant, United States Navy Reserve, (Retired)

Employment and Avocation History

Jun 2013-May 2017 - Wing Historian, Mississippi Wing, Civil Air Patrol.

1997-present - Mostly conducting self-directed studies and publishing findings at www.ShadeTreePhysics.com

Jun 1994-Dec 2001 - Telecommunications Specialist (Personal Wireless Communications Systems Manager and Installation Radio Frequency Spectrum Manager) at Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, MS.

1989-1993 - Research Assistant in Mosquito Research, working in a statewide ecological survey and an insecticide resistance study on Anopheles quadrimaculatus and related mosquitoes in Mississippi. Used starch gel electrophoresis for species identification. Wrote and used Artificial Intelligence (neural net) software to assist in the identifications. Department of Entomology, Mississippi State University. [Our statewide ecological survey data was incorporated in Distribution of Members of Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say s.l. (Diptera: Culicidae) and Implications for Their Roles in Malaria Transmission in the United States" Rebecca S. Levine, A. Townsend Peterson, and Mark Q. Benedict, J. Med. Entomol. 41(4): 607-613 (2004).]

1986-1987 - Designed and built prototype Ventriloquist voice-activated radio-controlled skeet and trap launch triggering systems for the Computer Learning Works, LLC, at Starkville, MS. Details on third generation models are available at: Ventriloquistinc.

1984-1985 - DBA Robert Fritzius Technical Services - Computer programmer in BASIC in areas of Lumber Yard Product Tracking, Computer Aided JTPA lessons, HVAC Energy Management, and Business Systems Data Base Translations. Performed CP/M to MS-DOS, Commodore to Apple II, and Commodore to IBM-PC inter-platform porting of BASIC software packages.

1981-1983 - Worked as computer programmer (prototype GIS software in BASIC) in Insect Pest Management for Cooperative Extension Service, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS.

1980-1981 - Participated in 1980 excavations at Halutza (Elusa)in the northern Negev of Israel and illustrated a monograph dealing with the transitions from mono-apsidal to tri-apsidal Cathedrals of the Negev.

1978-1980 - Studied mechanical engineering and Palestinian archaeology. Debugged FORTRAN software and conducted data analysis using the software for statewide public schools energy audits. Mississippi State University.

Feb 1978 - Retired from Navy as Lieutenant USNR.

1975-1977 - Electronic Warfare troubleshooter, including Satellite Communications Systems. Co-designer of radio frequency Jamming tests for Global Positioning System (GPS). Air Force Electronic Warfare Center, Kelly Air Force Base, TX.

1973-1975 - Branch Officer, Intermediate Avionics Maintenance Department, and Special Configurations Officer. Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ONE (VQ1), Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam.

1971-1973 - Electronic Warfare Division Officer. Designed and Conducted Link 4A Air Tactical Data System (ATDS) Jamming Vulnerability Study. Naval Missile Center, Pt. Mugu CA.

1970-1971 - Communications Engineer (Long Lines for Voice, Teletype, Secure Voice, data and AUTODIN). Defense Communications Agency - Southeast Asia Mainland, Saigon (DCA-SAM), Republic of Viet Nam.

1968-1970 - Airborne Communications Systems Evaluator. Evaluated Link 11 airborne-to-shipboard high frequency tactical data links, airborne UHF relay, shipboard infra-red decoys, and assisted in evaluation of air-to-sea RADAR seekers versus shipboard electronic countermeasures. Deputy Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force, Pacific, San Diego CA.

1968 - Fleet Replacement Pilot Training in F-8 Crusader aircraft. Fighter Training Squadron 124. Naval Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA. Terminated flying status in Apr 1968.

1966-1967 - Student Naval Aviator (Jet pipeline). Naval Air Training Command. Pensacola FL, Meridian MS, Kingsville TX. Designated as Naval Aviator in Nov 1967.

1966 Attended Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport RI. Commissioned as Ensign, USN, May 1966.

1962-1966 - Studied undergraduate electrical engineering at Purdue University in the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP). Promoted to Navy Chief Electronics Technician in 1965. Graduated with BS in Electrical Engineering in Jan 1966.

1961-1962 - TACAN Maintenance Technician. Supervised maintenance of ground radio transmitters and receivers for air-to-ground communications. Naval Ordnance Testing Station, China Lake, CA.

1960-1961 - Shipboard Electronics Technician (RADAR, HF and UHF Communications, and SONAR). U.S.S. Ruff MSC(O) 54, Everett, WA.

1959-1960 - Maintained frequency shift keyers (FSK) for HF Radio Transmitters, frequency measuring equipment, and a pulse-position-modulation (PPM) multichannel radio link. Maintained the station's Time Standard under the auspices of the National Bureau of Standards. Performed crystal grinding to tailor quartz crystals for use in radio frequency determining circuits. Naval Communications Station, Guam.

1958 - Studied Electronics theory and RADAR / IFF maintenance. Naval Schools Command, Electronics Technician (A) School, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA.

1958 - Enlisted in United States Navy.

(In alphabetical order)

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) (2001)
American Astronomical Society (AAS) - Associate member (2001 - 2011)
Boy Scouts of America, Scoutmaster troop 90, Everett, WA (1960-1961)
Civil Air Patrol, 1954-1957 (cadet), (1980-1981), (2013-2017)
Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) (Associate member 2004-2007)
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network - Precip Observer (2009 - 2016)
Mississippi Academy of Sciences (1992 - 2008)
John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (1994 - Present)
Rainwater Astronomical Association - French Camp, MS (1990 - Present)
The American Institute of Aeronatics and Astronautics (AIAA) (1972-1973)
The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) - Retired member (2010 - Present)
Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) - (2007 - present)
VQ Association - Navy Airborne (SIGINT) Reconnaissance

Technical/Professional/Scientific Courses

Yale Summer Workshop on Basic Astrometric Methods, Jul 2005, New Haven, CT.
U. S. Air Force, Installation Spectrum Management, Oct 1999, Randolph AFB. TX.
Picturetel S4000 Videoconferencing System, Theory, Operation and Maintenance, Aug 1994, Danvers, MA.
U.S. Naval Aviator Training (Jet Pipeline) 1966-1967
U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (C) School, TACAN Maintenance, Jan-Feb 1961, Treasure Island,
        San Francisco, CA.
U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (A) School, May-Nov 1961, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA.


Bull, R.J. and Fritzius, R.S. “The Ceiling Splay.” In The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima Excavation Reports Volume II: The Mithraeum at Caesarea Maritima, by Robert Jehu Bull with Jane DeRose Evans, Alexandra L. Ratzlaff, Andrew H. Bobeck, and Robert S. Fritzius. The American Schools of Oriental Research, Archaeological Reports 25, Boston, MA. 27 Jun 2017

Khirfan, M., Fritzius, R. S., and Reimold, W. U., "A Small Possible Impact Structure South of Amman, Jordan," Poster given at the 2nd Arab Impact Cratering and Astrogeology Conference in Casablanca, Morocco, 13-15 Nov 2011.

Gave a "communication" on Walther Ritz's electrodynamics and gravitation theory at the Colloque scientifique sur l'oeuvre de Walther Ritz, Aula du Lycée-Collège de Creusets, Sion, Switzerland, 17-19 septembre 2009.

Fritzius, R. S., "Is Venus A New Planet?" HTML - PPT Poster 65.01, American Astronomical Society - Division for Planetary Sciences, Conference, Orlando, Florida, 7-12 Oct 2007

Fritzius, R.S., Gamma-Ray Bursts: Sans Second Postulate, Poster P3 0010, Session E1.1, 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Paris, France,
19-21 Jul 2004.

Fritzius, R.S., A Possible Effect of GRB990510 on the Solar Wind, Poster 87.06, American Astronomical Society 203rd Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 4-8 Jan 2004.

Fritzius, R.S. Gamma-Ray Induced Fission and a Solar Wind Problem. Oral presentation given at the Natural Philosophy Alliance meeting at University of Connecticut at Storrs. (Un-published.) Roger Rydin did convince me that what I was calling gamma-ray induced "fission" would more properly be called gamma-ray induced "photo-dissociation." 9-13 Jun 2003.

Fritzius, R.S., GRB 990510 as the Cause of the May 10, 1999 Solar Wind Stoppage; Oral presentation given at the sixty-seventh annual meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, in Hattiesburg, MS, 14 Feb 2003. See: GRB 990510 and a Solar Wind Problem for most of the details.

Fritzius, R.S., Applying Extinction Limited Ritzian Relativity to Current Astrophysical Problems, Poster number 7, National Academy of Sciences Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium "Challenges to the Standard Paradigm: Fundamental Physics and Cosmology," The Beckman Center, Irvine, CA, 1-3 Nov 2002.

Fritzius, R.S., A Search for Evidence of Interplanetary and Atmospheric Microbial Delivery Systems, Poster Number 32-12, American Astronomical Society, Division of Planetary Sciences meeting, Birmingham, AL, 6-11 Oct 2002.

Fritzius, R.S., Star Map in Galactic Perspective - (2000 - present. - Work in progress.)

Fritzius, R.S., A Ritzian Interpretation of Variable Stars, presented as Theoretical Poster 37 at the Fifth Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symposium 18-22 Oct 1999.

Fritzius, R.S., A Ritzian Interpretation of Variable Stars, Presented at the Galileo Back in Italy - II Conference at the University of Bologna, Italy, 26-28 May 1999.

Fritzius, R.S., Emission-Absorption-Scattering (EAS) Sub Quantum Physics, AAAS SWARM Division meeting at Texas A&M - NPA Symposium, May (1997).

Fritzius, R.S., The Possibility that QSOs are Non-Cosmological in Origin, AAAS SWARM Division meeting at Arizona State University - NPA Symposium, Jun (1996).

Fritzius, R.S., Galilean Relativity and Spectroscopic Binary Brightness/Velocity Curves, AAAS SWARM Division Annual Meeting at University of Oklahoma - NPA Symposium, May (1995).

Fritzius, R.S., "Variable Electrical Charge Cosmological Redshift," AAAS Pacific Division Annual Meeting at San Francisco State University - NPA Symposium, Jun (1994).

Mallet, J.L. and R.S. Fritzius, "Genetic Evidence for Insecticide Resistance in Sibling Species of the Mosquito Anopheles quadrimaculatus," Resistant Pest Management, 5, 25-26 (1993).

Fritzius, R.S., "Computer Modelling Olber's Paradox," Mississippi Academy of Sciences - 56th Annual Meeting, Biloxi, MS, Feb (1992).

Fritzius, R.S., Emission-Absorption-Scattering (EAS) Particle Physics, Russian translation (16 GIFs) - Invited paper at International Conference on Sir Isaac Newton, Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg Russia, Mar (1993).

Fritzius, R.S., The Ritz-Einstein Agreement to Disagree, Physics Essays, 4, 371-374 (1990).

Negev, A., "The Cathedral at Elusa and the New Typology and Chronology of the Byzantine Churches in the Negev", Liber Annuus, 39, 129-142 (1989). Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem. (Plans 1,3 and Figs 1-12 - Isometric reconstructions of mono-apsidal to tri-apsidal transitions, by R.S. Fritzius.)

Fritzius, R.S., "Mapping Gamma Ray Bursters", Mississippi Academy of Sciences - Annual meeting, Jackson MS, Feb (1989).

Observer at the conference "The Problem of Space and Time in Modern Physics" at Pulkovo Observatory, Leningrad, Russia, Mar (1989).

Fritzius, R.S., Cosmological Red Shift, Technote I-88, Magnolia Scientific Research Group, Starkville, MS (1988).

Provisional map of the archaeological site of Elusa, Israel, Figure 63, P. 119, in Negev, Avraham, Nabatean Archeology Today, New York University Press, 1986. (Elusa is 22 km Southwest of Be'er Sheva.)

Leach, Robert A., The Chiropractic Theories, Illustrated by R.S.Fritzius, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, MD (1986).

Bonner, F.T. and R.S. Fritzius, "Computer Program for Graphically Displaying Two-Way Thermogradient Plate Seed Germination Data," USDA Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station, Starkville, MS (1985).

Ritz, W., Critical Researches on General Electrodynamics, Editor/Publisher of English translation of Introduction and First Part of "Recherches Critiques Sur L'Electrodynamique Generale," Annales de Chimie et de Physique, 13, 145-209 (1908). Co-editor with Yefim Bakman of Tel Aviv University of Second Part (pages 209-275) in 2005.

Powe, R.E., R.E. Forbes, B.K. Hodge, D.G. Hotard, M.W. Parker, R.S. Fritzius, Development of Energy Audit Program for Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mississippi, Engineering and Industrial Research Station, College of Engineering/Mississippi State University, MSSU-EIRS-GE-80-2 (1979).

U.S. Patent 3638058 for an Ion Wind Generator. A corona discharge system configured for neutralizing ionized air stream (1972). Intended use - (not pursued) - aero-electric propulsion. (Inspired by Major DeSeversky's early 1960's ion-propelled lifting system.)

Fritzius, R.S., Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective, (1972).

* * *


Art (pen and ink), choral performance, archaeology, astronomy, gamma ray bursters, grand synthesis, Venusian astrobiology, variable electric charge cosmological redshift, pulsars, quasars, time, putting Newton back into physics, Ritz's electrodynamics, Velikovsky's catastrophism.

Write QuickBASIC computer programs to model natural systems. Examples: D-CEPHEI models Vladimir Sekerin's C+V hypothesis for brightness and apparent velocity variations of spectroscopic binary stars. ELECTRON models electron-proton collisions leading to the braking action of bremsstrahlung. HOLOGRAM creates simple digital holograms with provisions for the operator to vary the geometry of the experimental setup.

Robert is Married to Myra Jane (DaVault) Fritzius, from Missouri. He was married to Billie Jean (Dunnam) Fritzius from 1967 to 1976. Billie Jean, who was from Mississippi, died in 1976.

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