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Shade Tree Physics - Serious Stuff

Latest Update - 05 Jul 2018


CD V700 CPMs, NE Mississippi - March/April 2011
Relational Dynamics - Anthony Hollick
Arrows of Time Historical quotes and current notes regarding various arrows of time.
On the Integration of the N-Body Equations - Konstantin Manuilov (1985), Trans. 1989
The Fires of Canneto di Caronia, Sicily, January-April 2004
Galilean Relativity - Comments on limitations for its use.
The Kite-Acheson Effect - Electrical Lifting of Dielectric Planetary Particulate Matter
Mira Variables, Common Envelope Binaries?
On God and Time A Dialog between Joseph Schrock and Bob Fritzius. Mostly Schrock.
Index of Early Bremsstrahlung Articles
Science's Limits - by Joseph Schrock, Starkville, Mississippi - " ...reductionism violates vitalism ...objective reality...humankind needs good dose of humility..."
Physics and Philosophy - Chapter Four from the book Metaphysics Reclaimed - How Religion and Science Can Be Partners, - Joseph A. Schrock.
QSO Redshift Histograms for Incremental Apparent Magnitude Samples
Reflections on Stellar Evolution - Examining Calculated and Estimated Stellar Distances versus Stellar Parallax Angles
Cosmology's Missing Mass Problems Overview of missing mass problems, with some ideas about how to fix them.
Messier 33 Internal Motions - van Maanen - Lundmark - Brunthaler et al.
Messier 81 Internal Motions, van Maanen
Investigations on Proper Motion by Adriaan van Maanen and others
Mississippi Anopheline Survey 1990-1993


Earthquake Liquefaction Safety
      Crowley's Ridge

1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes, A NEO Connection?
      Maps of St. Former Francis Lake in Northeast Arkansas
      Hatchie Coon Island - Blink Comparator
      Lake St. Francis - Hatchie Coon Field Trip

Articles on Walter Ritz's Electrodynamics

      Critical Researches on General Electrodynamics
      J. G. Fox, on the Ritz Translation
      Commentaries on Ritz's "Critical Researches
      On a New Law of Series Spectra - Walter Ritz (1908)
      Ritz on the Optics of Moving Bodies: Excerpt of Ritz's ideas on the difficulties of Lorentz's, Einstein's and his handling of light's interactions with matter in motion. Early extinction theorem groundwork. -
      Zum gegenwärtigen Stand des Strahlungsproblems - Ritz and Einstein
      The Ritz-Einstein Agreement to Disagree on irreversibility vs reversibility for electromagnetic radiation.
Reprinted from Physics Essays.
      Abbreviated Biographical Sketch of Walther Ritz - Reprinted from Lorentz and Poincaré Invariance - 100 Years of Relativity, Jong-Ping Hsu and Yuan-Zhong Zhang, World Scientific, (2001).
      The Orbits and "Velocity-curves" of Spectroscopic Binaries - J. Miller Barr - JRASC, 2, 70, 1908.
      On the Question of the Constancy of the Speed of Light - Erwin Freundlich. An English translation of "Zur Frage der Konstanz der Lichtgeschwindigkeit," Physik. Zeitschr. 14, 835-838 (1913). Cites J. Miller Barr's (1908) paper.
      Willem de Sitter's Binary Stars arguments against Ritz's Relativity
      La Rosa's critiques of Willem de Sitter on Binary Stars
      Gnosiological Peculiarities in the Interpretation of Observations, (For Example the Observation of Binary Stars)
V. I. Sekerin (1987). [Translated from the Russian (1988).] Sekerin uses one of Willem de Sitter's (1913) refutations of Walter Ritz's (1908) ballistic theory of light as a starting point to explain how so-called variable stars work.
      A Ritzian Interpretation of Variable Stars An expansion on V.I. Sekerin's researches on an alternative interpretation of variable stars.
      Günter Dinglinger's critique of de Sitter's article "Ein astronomischer Bewis für die Konstanz der Lichgeswindigkeit"
      Applying Extinction Limited Ritzian Relativity to Current Astrophysical Problems
      Gamma-Ray Bursts Sans Second Postulate
      Research and Communications Related to the Ritzian Hypothesis

Shade Tree Physics - Velikovsky Pages

A collection of local reflections on Immanuel Velikovsky's version of recent catastrophism. Includes Velikovsky's Water Mountain(s), a possible physical identification of Ha Almah - The Virgin, and Oedipus and Akhnaton. Links to selected Pro, Anti, and Related Velikovsky web sites.

Robert Fritzius' Theory Of Everything (TOE)

Emission-Absorption-Scattering (EAS) Sub-Quantum Physics - A causal model of Electrical repulsion and attraction which has gravity as a natural side effect and offers a "nuts and bolts" explanation for the braking action of bremsstrahlung. - Originally presented as an invited paper at the International Conference on Sir Isaac Newton, Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg Russia, March (1993). - (In Russian)

EAS Nuclear Glue (Revised 8 January 2000. Latest Update 24 Sep 2018.) Nuclear electrons, proton magnetic momenta, and departures from the spherical symmetry of the Coulomb relation are called on to produce the nuclear glue.

EAS Neutron Beta Decay (Installed prior to 12 August 1999. Latest update 03 SEP 2005.) Stochastic lulls in positrino and negatrino flux bombardment rates on free neutrons permit hypothetical nuclear electrons to fly off at their proton grazing orbit speeds. Has GIF animation.

EAS Mass Excess. (22 Nov 1998) When we subject charged particles to known electrical and magnetic fields we can deduce their masses but our deductions hinge on the assumption that electrical charges don't shield one another. When shielding is brought into play (by hypothesis) we may find some new insights into the nature of mass. [This page is undergoing serious reconstruction. 26 Sep 2005. Reconstruction continues, 03 Nov 2017.]

Cosmological Redshift Accepted theory (Expanding Universe/Big Bang) is based on the assumption that cosmologically early/distant stellar QED processes were identical to present/local QED processes and that the Doppler effect (or some other effect) has redshifted their intrinsic spectra. Author's non-Doppler model for redshift hypothesizes that variable electrical charge, related to interstellar matter ... density differences, may be the real culprit.

Cosmological Redshift in Russian - Translated by Nikolay Noskov and Jury Sarychev of Nauka i Tekhnica   (Science and Technology).