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Volcanic Vents Near Rome Airport

Installed 24 Aug 2013. Latest update 16 Jul 2016.
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News Stories about Vents in Chronological Order

Volcanic geyser erupts close to Rome airport - The Telegraph - 5:50 PM BST 25 Aug 2013
Vulcano a Roma, soffioni vicino all'areoporto di Fiumicino - 27 Aug 2013
Geyser Fiumicino AND 3 - 28 Aug 2013
Fiumicino .... vulcanetto - YouTube - 30 Aug 2013
Vulcanetto a Fiumicino - 02 Sep 2013
Vulcano a Fiumicino sempre più grande - 09 Sep 2013
A Fiumicino il mini-vulcano raddoppia - Ostia TV - 10 Sep 2013 - Second vent open
New volcanic eruption reported off the coast of Lazio Italy - The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond - 28 Sep 2013
Fiumicino, Jebel al Zubair & Tjörnes Fracture Zone - VolcanoCafé - 29 Sep 2013
Rome (Italy): second mudvolcano off shore near Fiumicino airport - Volcano Discovery - Tues 01 Oct 2013
Sudden gas eruption [Aug 2013] shakes the ground near Rome's airport - Earth - Mon 03 Mar 2014
      The two vents in the turnaround have been filled with concrete - other gas vents in area
A newly-emerged (August 2013) artificially-triggered fumarole near the Fiumicino airport, Rome, Italy
      Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research [Available online 14 May 2014.]

Google Earth images showing location of what is thought to be a small volcanic
geyser (fumarole) near the International Fiumicino Airport in Rome Italy

Fumarole/Geyser (represented by small bull's eye) is located inside traffic circle.

Traffic circle (turn-around) is slightly less than 900 yards from south end of runway 34 Left.

Rome's International Fiumicino Airport from 2.77 miles up (Fumarole at lower left)

Rome area showing location of fumarole and the volcanic area of Monti Albani (Colli Albani)
Elevation contour lines from 500 to 3,000 feet are overlaid on the Monti Albani complex.
The red line corresponds to a distance of 40 kilometers.

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Thanks to Eric Fritzius of Lewisburg, WV for the initial "heads up" on the fumarole.
Thanks to John Craig of Starkville, MS for the "Geyser Fiumicino AND 3" link at the top.

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