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European Theatre of Operations

Lt Col Samuel Warren Cochran, USAF (Ret), PhD.

Edited by Amanda P. Lewanski.

Installed as a webpage on Shade Tree Physics on 11 Sep 2016.
Latest Update, 12 Aug 2018.

In World War II Samuel (Sam) Cochran, Lt. USAAF, of Wayne County, MS, was a Martin B-26 Marauder bomber co-pilot serving in the 8th and 9th Air Forces, 386th Bomb Group, 555th Bomb Squadron at Boxted Field, England from
16 Jun 1943 to 10 Jul 1944.

In 1989 Lt. Col. Cochran, USAF (Ret), then living in San Antonio, TX, compiled five essays about his B-26 European Theatre of Operations combat experiences.

Cochran mailed copies of these essays to his aunt Rowena (Dunnam) Robinson of Wayne County, MS. Mrs. Robinson was a sister to my (then) father-in-law, Theodore Roosevelt Dunnam, also of Wayne County.

Mrs. Robinson passed away in December 1990 and I inherited her copies of Sam's edited-but-unpublished essays. In September of 2016 I installed reasonable facsimiles of the essays online.

Each of these essays may be read by clicking the appropriate link below.

THE TRIP OVER                   - 3 Pages
THE FIRST MISSION           - 3 pages
D-DAY                                    - 2 pages
MISSIONS 1 THROUGH 72 - 5 pages
GROUND TIME                    - 3 Pages

Google Earth imagery and ancilliary narrative info have been added to the end of some essays to give the reader a more complete picture of the matters described.

Thanks to J. Barton Williams, MD, P.A., of Columbus, MS for letting me know the kind of historical highlights that need to be on the cover page of a collection such as this. (See the added first paragraph.)

Robert S. Fritzius
Starkville, Mississippi