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European Theatre of Operations

Lt Col Samuel Warren Cochran, USAF (Ret), PhD.

Edited by Amanda P. Lewanski.

Installed as a webpage on Shade Tree Physics on 11 Sep 2016.
Latest Update, 04 Jun 2018.

In 1989, Sam Cochran compiled five essays about his B-26 combat experiences in World War II. Among others, he mailed copies of these essays to his aunt Rowena (Dunnam) Robinson of Wayne County, Mississippi. Sam's aunt "Rowena" was a sister to my first father-in-law, Theordore Roosevelt Dunnam, of Wayne County Mississippi. [There may be other family connections: Cochran - Robinson - Dunnam, but I've been unable run them down yet.]

Rowena Robinson passed away in December 1990, and I "inherited" her copies of Sam's essays. Until the summer of 2016 the essays resided, unread, in a file folder labled "WWII - Cochran." Upon examining them, my wife and I felt that they should, in some manner, be be made accessible to the public. I think that Sam voiced that sentiment in a note accompanying the first essay to his Aunt on February 8, 1989.

      "Aunt Rowena: If you can think of anyone
      who might like a copy please let me know."
      Warren Cochran

In September of 2016 I installed reasonable facsimiles of the essays online.

Each essay may be read by clicking the appropriate link below.

THE TRIP OVER                   - 3 Pages
THE FIRST MISSION           - 3 pages
D-DAY                                      - 2 pages
MISSIONS 1 THROUGH 72 - 5 pages
GROUND TIME                     - 3 Pages

Google Earth imagery and ancilliary narrative info have been added to the end of some essays to give the reader a more complete picture of the matters described.

Robert S. Fritzius
Starkville, Mississippi