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Debate – Preparation Outline





Specific Purpose:                             To persuade my audience that the problems of the Anthrax Vaccine

Immunization Program could be solved through voicing our concerns

to our Congressmen.

Central Idea:                                      We can help solve the problems of the Anthrax Vaccine Program by

exercising our voice.

Main Points:                                       The problems and concerns military troops have with the Anthrax

Vaccine are related to mistrust.  Some possible solutions to these

problems involve top level military and government  action.





I.       The threat of a biological anthrax weapon is real. (Woodward 3).


II.       There is a need to be immunized.  (Koenig 7)


III.      When did you first learn about anthrax?  Was it before Sept. 11?


IV.     I was aware of it and the vaccine before that time.


V.     My physician husband has deployed and taken the shots.


VI.     The vaccine program is not perfect.


Transition:  First, let’s look at some of the problems.





I.       Military troops have several problems and concerns with the vaccination program linked to mistrust.


         A.  Misinformation about the vaccine causes mistrust.

                    1.  Safety of the vaccine is questioned (Maier 10)                           

                    2.  Testing of the vaccine is questioned (Maier 10)


         B.  The Military not taking responsibility for medical problems causes mistrust.

               (Koenig 7)

                    1.    Troops value the right to choose for their own personal body. (Callander 46)

                    2.    The best interest of the individual is forfeited for the good of the group.


(Transition:  These are some of the main concerns military troops have with the vaccine program

                    and most of them have a fairly simple solution that must come from the top.)       



II.       These are three plausible solutions that require top military and government action.


         A.       The first solution is to implement an Anthrax Vaccine Education Program.

                    1.    Report accurately the facts on the vaccine.

                    2.    Report studies of the vaccine in laymen’s terms.

3.         3.         Obtain Internet information on anthrax vaccine and conclusively

        refute the differences with proof.


      B.       Require commanders to receive the shots even if they do not deploy.

                 1.    This action will enhance confidence in the program. (Koenig 7)

                 2.    Doubts about risk will be diminished.


      C.       Have Congress implement a permanent lifetime health care program.

                 1.    Health care problems that may result will be the government’s responsibility.

                 2.    The cost is less than the studies and debates over current health problems. (Koenig 7)

                        a.      Health problems caused by Agent Orange.

                        b.      Health problems caused by the Gulf War.             



(Brakelight: Now that you’ve been informed about the problems connected to mistrust and

the possible solutions, I hope you can see the need to perfect this essential program not

only for the military’s well being but for our own as well.  What can we as individuals do?)




I.       I know it doesn’t seem like we as civilians have much say in the military, but I hope you understand

   you do have a voice and that you will use it to help shape the future of our military and our nation.


II.       We can write letters to Congress.


         A.       They control the money for the vaccine program.


         B.       They control money for the military.





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