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 Speech Self-Evaluation Questions


Review the videotape of your speech. As you watch, answer the following questions. This assignment is due in the two class periods following your speech to inform.

1.      Evaluate the success of your introduction.


2.      Explain why your main points were/were not clearly presented.


3.      Did connectives clearly indicate movement from one part of your speech to another? Why/why not?



4.      Evaluate the success of your conclusion.



5. Evaluate your delivery.


6. Evaluate the overall success of this speech.



7. Do you have other comments about this presentation?



8. What grade (A-F) would you assign this presentation? Please refer to the grading criteria and the evaluation sheet before you give the grade.

9. What did you learn from this presentation that will help you prepare your future speech? List at least three things that you plan on working on.