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Velikovsky Related Pages

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Latest Update 23 Sep 2012. Text additions or changes are in bold.

Meet Conan the Bacterium - NASA Space Science News - Dec 14, 1999
Troubled Times - Beaumont and Velikovsky - Benny J. Peiser
Pib's Catastrophism (Extensive literary and graphical references)
Did a Comet Trigger the Great Chicago Fire?
    March 5, 2004 - Physicst Robert Wood speculates that Biela's comet had a close
    encounter with Jupiter in 1845 which caused it to break into two fragments. A later
    encounter with Jupiter sent the smaller fragment toward an appointment with Earth in
    October 1871.
The Electric-Cosmos.org - Great graphics!
The Lost Bible,Yehoshua Etzion, Schocken Publishing House, Tel Aviv
    Link was: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Column/9243/index.html
1997 Cambridge Conference - Troubled Times
Cosmic Ancestry - Brig Klyce
Replies to Cosmic Ancestry, 2000 - Brig Klyce
Egypt and the Sahara - Worldwide Links - Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
The Goldilocks Zone - Life can thrive in some unexpected places
Hail Venus! Is There Life Here? - Popular Science, February 2003.
On Finding an Ice Age Book - The Book of Job - Dr. Barnard E. Northrup
Martian Micro-Magnets Science @ NASA
The Mathematical Concept of the Maya Universe, Reuben McDavid
    Link was: http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/replicant/29/chapter9.htm
The Mayan Prophecies - Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell - 1995
Meteor Falls and Other Natural Phenomena Between 1392-1863
    As Recorded in the Annals of the Chos˘n Dynasty (Korea)
    Yi Tae-jin - College of Humanities - Seoul National University
Sahara turned to desert in abrupt climate change - Associated Press - July 15, 1999
    Link was: http://www.climateark.org/articles/1999/sahturnd.htm
SpaceWeather.com - Bishop Web Works
Venus revealed - A new look below the clouds of our mysterious twin planet.
David Harry Grinspoon
Venus Temperature and Pressure Profiles - Jenkins, Steffes, Hinson, Twicken, & Tyler.
The Southernmost of Venus at Uxmal, 1997- David Rosenthal

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