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Hubble Space Telescope Mirror
(With Cautionary Message Spoof)

HST Mirror

See a copy of Robert Britt's SPACE.COM article: Hubble Pictures Too Crisp, Challenging Theories of Time and Space.*

The current conclusion is that quantum theory might be in trouble, because the light from really distant objects hasn't fuzzied up like it's supposed to. Another idea to ponder would be that the objects are much closer than we think.

Thanks to William R. (Bill) Fox, of Starkville, MS, for the idea of a spoof that shows the "things are closer" caution notice on the telescope mirror.

*Original article was at: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/quantum_bits_030402.html. Thanks to the Ottowa, Ontario, CA visitor who found the defunct link.

The replaced link http://science.consumercide.com/hubble-2crisp.html" also became defunct. Thanks to Matt Bloedel for finding a Chinese replica of Britt's article.

Bloedel says, "It looks like this site provides a link to a Chinese translation as well. It is quite an old article and it appears that the writer wishes to remain anonymous. I wonder if after all this time they have any better explanations for this observation which is contrary to what Quantum theory suggests. As a Christian, I am always interested in science articles which provide evidence that contradicts the theories scientists preach to the world as fact even though they cannot be proven and are plainly contrary to what God says in the Bible (“oppositions of science falsely so called” —1st Timothy 6:20)."

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