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Light Motion

This page is an appendix to the Second Part, section on
General Considerations, Propagation of Forces,
of Ritz's 1908 article on General Electrodynamics.

In the theory of ether, a material point P, at rest in relation to its surroundings, will be able to emit waves of a constant radial speed and which will make at each instant a system of spheres having P as a center. [In the animations below, both material points are moving at half the speed of light.]

light maxwell-lorentz
Maxwell-Lorentz (Ether)

If a material point P is animated by a motion of translation, the spheres will be eccentric, each keeping its center at P1 of ether which coincides with P at the instant of emission.
light einstein-ritz
Einstein-Ritz (Ballistic)

According to the principle of relativity, if the motion of translation is uniform, the spheres will have to stay concentric, as at rest, and the center (of any sphere) will always be P.

See John Norton's Chasing a Beam of Light: Einstein's Most Famous Thought Experiment.

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