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Tribute Speech Requirements



Tribute Speech Requirements

Time Limits: 2-4 minutes (This is approximate 300 to 600 words)

2 Copies of a typed and marked manuscript

1 Commentary ( at least one typed page)

1 Figures of Speech Paper


Purpose of this speech

There are two purposes to writing this type of speech. One obviously is that I want you to have a chance to work from manuscript (you notice I didn’t say read from manuscript.) The second purpose is to work with some of the figures of speech, which are used in Chapter 11.  Usually in the past students have found this to be their favorite speech of the semester since it is more of a creative endeavor.


Possible topics:

·           Someone living or someone dead

·           Someone famous or someone you know

·           Events (familiar or historic)

·           Abstractions such as patriotism, loyalty, or friendship



q       q       1 copy of your commentary


q       q       1 Figures of Speech Paper with the figures of speech marked and labeled

·           You are required to have at least one of each of the following (Check chapter 11).

·           Metaphor

·           Simile

·           Alliteration

·           Antithesis

·           Parallel structure

·           Repetition

·           One example of imagery



q       q       1 copy of your manuscript marked for delivery and including the following information:

·           / for a pause

·           // for a longer pause

·           ___________  or bold words you want to emphasize. (One word or more per sentence)

·           delivery cues

·           Manuscript should be double or triple spaced and at minimum 16 font.



First of all select the person or the event or the abstraction that you want to pay tribute to.


Then think of two to four nouns or adjectives that describe that person, event, or abstraction. (I.E. you might think courage, compassion, and kindness). Look at the example of  “My Grandfather” that is posted.


Now think of ways this person, etc shows that noun…give us examples.


After you have finished, go back and put in the figures of speech.  Some of them you will already have, but some of them you will need to work and tweak the words to make them come out the way you want them to. Remember to check chapter 11 to make sure that you know what these figures of speech are. This should be fairly dramatic in presentation with at least 80 to 90 % eye contact.


Now on a separate sheet of paper list the types of figurative language you used and the example of each of these that you have. Include this paper and your commentary with the manuscript.