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Dr. Edward Teller's mid-70's talk at the University of Guam

Some time in late 1974 or early 1975 Dr. Edward Teller [ ] gave a talk at the University of Guam.

The talk was standing room only. When lights were turned on for the television camera's benefit, Dr. Teller called out,"TURN OFF THOSE LIGHTS!"

The University camera crew responded with "But we want to record your talk."

Teller answered, I don't want you to record it.

He then gave the audience this unexpected insight to his thinking about that.

He said, "If I had the power to destroy any institution in the United States and I had the choice of destroying either the Mafia or television, I would destroy television."

The lights were extinguished. (I hope that there were some audio recordings made.)

Even though Teller's talk took place more than 40 years ago I think I recall two issues that he discussed.


He briefly mentioned some unexpected effects on earth's atmosphere which occur when we beam laser light up through it. I believe he said that he (and his people) were on Guam to conduct some tests in that regard.


The main part of his talk was about the accuracy with which we can date the ages of things and processes on earth, the solar system, and in the larger part of the cosmos. How sure are we about the things that we think we know?

There was a good broad spectrum Q&A session that followed.

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I have lost track of the date of Dr. Teller's talk. Any visitor to this page who knows that date please pass it to me at the email address below.

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